How to Move from Pain to Bliss

The problems in our lives can be so overwhelming at times that it’s hard to think straight. These problems end up consuming all of our thoughts leaving no room for joy. We can revert this thought process by starting to focus on what is really important in our lives. I have a quick process that I use to shift into the right frame of mind. Let yourself return to the joy you’re suppose to in your life by taking one […] Read more »

Top Four Belief Hacks to Transform Your Life

Belief Hacks

How many times have you stopped yourself from pursuing something due to your fears or limiting thoughts? Probably more times that you can count. I’ve noticed that throughout my life the only thing that has ever prevented me from accomplishing anything is always just plain old me. There are four simple questions that you can ask yourself that will change that forever. Read more »

Zero Limits: The Hawaiian System for Peace

hula dancer

About two years ago, I heard about this unusual therapist who helped heal an entire ward of severely mentally ill criminals without ever seeing the patients in a professional capacity. Instead of regular therapy, he used an ancient Hawaiian practice called Ho’oponopono. Learn how he did using this incredible system. Read more »

You Are Superman! Why Limitations Are Kryptonite

    Imagine that a genie came to you and offered to make all your dreams come true. You’d be able to achieve anything you wanted and be anyone you wanted to be.  You’d be able to start fresh and create the life of your dreams. Now, picture yourself doing exactly that, doing what you love and being who you’d like to be.  Feel how good it is to be living to your full potential.  Cool, huh? We all have […] Read more »

The Only Step Needed for True Happiness

    If we ask one hundred people what it takes to be happy, the answers will be very different.  Our idea of happiness varies widely based on our ideas about life and ourselves.  Even though we may all have different ideas about how to be happy and of what happiness is the answer to how to be happy is actually the same for all of us. So, the big question is: What is the secret to always being happy […] Read more »