Five Ways to Spread Twitter Love

Do you give Twitter love?  How do you choose to spread love around?  Do you give love consistently?  There are so many ways in which we can express love but I consider Twitter to be one of the easiest ways in which you can consistently give love.

The following are five ways in which you can use Twitter to spread some love around and show appreciation:

1.  Acknowledge retweets – When someone retweets your tweet, send a reply thanking them for the retweet.  This shows appreciation and lets them know that you noticed their kind gesture.  This can be done in a group tweet or individually, which is even better because you can add a personal thank you note.

2.  Answer @replies – When someone interacts with you, make a point to answer them back by sending a reply.  Twitter is about interaction and conversation.  People like being heard and your reply may be just what they needed that day.

3.  Send @replies to interesting tweets – This easy step is the beginning of an interaction with someone that most often you didn’t know before.  Show that you understand, disagree, have a question, and so on by adding a reply.  People feel validated when you are interested in what they have to say.

4.  List others – When you enjoy what someone has to say in Twitter, create a list if you don’t have one already and add them to the list.  This gesture lets them know that there is someone out there listening to what they have to say.  When people are included in lists, they feel appreciated.  They feel that they are no longer alone because now they belong to a group – your list.  Lists also benefit you by allowing you to easily see some of your favorite tweets when you are following a large number of people.

5.  Follow Friday – This is an easy way to honor individuals or a group of your favorite people.  On Fridays, just add tags such as ‘#FF’ and ‘#FollowFriday’ anywhere in your tweet along with the Twitter name of the people you would to recognize and a small message.  Your followers can then easily identify who you recommend.

A small gesture can show someone that you care and can help them to feel heard and recognized.  Go ahead and make someone happy today.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have other ways in which you spread love using Twitter? How about in your life? What are your preferred ways to spread love?

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  1. Ching Ya says:

    I just love FollowFriday, some people say it’s flooding the Friday space on Twitter but I think it’s a good thing to remind us to appreciate others along the way. You obviously know you way around Twitter and how to share a positive message, thumbs up. :) In Twitter, I would RT and @mention the people who I communicate recently and some #FF for brilliant contacts I came across online. It’s just a simple way of saying, I notice and care about your tweet. There are over 1.6k++ people I followed but hardly keep up, I can’t put everyone on the list in one-go, but hopefully can extract and find the gems within who’s willing enough to network and build relationship.

    Good job, and nice to be here.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  2. Hi! I’m so glad to see you here. Wonderful comment. I love your approach, it’s right on the mark. Like I’ve said before, I consider you one of the most graceful social media experts because the way you interact with others is always sincere and so very kind.

    Thanks for visiting. Loving blessings, Andrea

  3. Andrea,
    Thank you. I was wondering what #FF was!

  4. I know, sometimes these little details can be quite a mystery until we get the lingo down. :D Glad to see you here! Much love.

  5. I truly do like your online network. Please keep up the good work. I love blog owners who consistently use rudimental content.

  6. I’m willing to bet that plenty of people love your website. Continue to keep up the wonderful work. I love authors who consistently use rudimental content.

  7. Hi Burton! Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by. Loving blessings!

  8. Hi Andrew! Welcome to britetalk! Thanks for commenting and for sharing your nice perspective. Loving blessings!