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Friendship comes in different packages. Some grow slowly and steadily; others sprout quickly out of thin air. The friends that spring out of these encounters paint our lives with vivid colors.

I just watched the movie “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.” I was moved to tears by the striking example of loyalty and friendship. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about a dog that’s loyal to his owner until the very end. The fact that I don’t have pets didn’t hinder me from being able to acknowledge the magnificence of this simple and unexpected friendship.

This post is not about dogs; it’s about being the friend that you’d like to have. It’s about being the kindness you want to see in the world. It’s about how we relate to the people in our lives. It’s about being there for others when they need us. It’s about reflecting to the world the loving kindness that we have in us.

Tips for a lasting, fulfilling friendship

The best friend you could ever have is yourself. Even though that’s the best case scenario, there are other friends in our lives that can also be great allies along our path.

To celebrate all types of friendships, here are the trademarks of what makes a great friend. The following are some simple, yet perfect ways in which you can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Be a cheerleader

Cheer your friends on regarding their projects and ideas. Support their efforts in whatever capacity they need you to. Believe in them so they’ll believe in themselves.

“A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.”

Be a motivational speaker

Motivate your friends when they are down. Inspire your friends to achieve their dreams. Lift them up. Present a positive outlook on their lives.

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

Be there

Be someone your friend can count on in times of need. Be a good listener when your friend needs one. Let your friend know that you are there, no matter what the circumstances.

“A friend is one who walks in when others walk out.” -Walter Winchell

Be loyal

Be faithful and trustworthy to your friends. Keep their secrets. Be devoted to the relationship.

The dog from the movie “Hachi” seemed to live by the following quote. He was forever loyal to his owner.

“Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.”

Be true

Be honest and genuine with your friends. Tell your friends the truth when called upon. Be frank without being brutal.

“A friend can tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself.” -Frances Ward Weller

Meet your best friend

It’s good to have a friend who can embody all the qualities mentioned above. Ultimately, however, you need to be the one that embodies all these qualities for yourself, before you can be this kind friend to someone else. You can be your best friend, your cheerleader, and your motivational speaker.

To check whether you are being your own friend, pay attention to your self-talk. Notice whether you are being kind to yourself. Notice whether you believe in yourself and whether you are there when you need comfort. You already have all the strength and motivation that you need inside of you. All you have to do, is be the best friend to yourself you can possibly imagine.

“A friend is a present you give yourself.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

In case we forget that we can be our own best friend, it’s great to have other friends around on whom we can count. :)

Your turn:

How much are you willing to give of yourself in your friendships? Do you have any friendship story you’d like to share?

With you always in my heart,


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21 Responses to “Must-Read Tips for Great Friendships”

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  1. Jay Schryer says:

    These are all really great tips. I pride myself on being a great friend to people, and following these guidelines helps me do that. I think the most important thing we can do is to sit with our friends and just listen. I believe that most people are hungry…starving even…for people to listen to them and really hear what they are saying. Providing that gift makes you a very good friend to have.

  2. Hi Jay! You are right totally right. Most people are looking for this kind of support, someone to listen, understand, and agree with them. It feels great to have a friend we can count on to listen to whatever we are going through and to help us through it.

    Thanks for starting the conversation! You sure seem like a great friend. Loving blessings!

  3. Dia says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Very nice post my friend. Being there and being loyal to our friends are crucial. This is what makes friendships grow. We have to listen to our friends and support them all the time. Thanks for sharing Andrea.

  4. Jake West says:

    Wonderful post. You must have a very lucky husband :)

  5. Lance says:

    The wisdom you share here in this space always touches deeply upon my heart. And that’s because you write so much from that place within you…and in that…you connect. And that is where I find the greatest relationships develop – when we connect more deeply with another. Just want you to know that I completely feel your authenticity in this…and in reaching out to others in love. What a beautiful gift that is…

    Much love always,

  6. Steven H says:

    Great tips. I’d like to add that there is a balancing point to being a good friend. If you are too “true” or honest then you can potentially hurt your friends feelings, and if you are too much of a “cheerleader” than your friend won’t ever feel like they are getting useful feedback from you.

  7. Andrea: Great post and what a great message about friendship. I really appreciated each and everything you shared here. I also agree that you have to really make sure you are giving and investing in relationships and when you do that, you can really have relationships that flourish.

  8. Asif says:

    Beautiful post on friendship. In this fast paced and success oriented life often sometimes we tend to pursue happiness and forget that our source of happiness are our friends and spending time with them. Also it takes a very long time to nurture a friendship but just a few seconds to destroy it.

  9. Thanks Jake and welcome to britetalk! I think we are both lucky! Loving blessings!

  10. Hi Dia! I’m right there with you. Support, listening, loyalty, and being available are all essential qualities of a good friendship.

    Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation! Loving blessings!

  11. Hi Lance! Your words are so sweet and kind. I’m truly touched and grateful for your comments. You have a good point, the best friendships are formed when we connect with others from within, from a place of authenticity and pure love.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts! Loving blessings!

  12. Hi Steven! I’m with you. In life, everything in moderation. The important thing is to be authentic. If you are cheering and sharing from your heart, your friend will appreciate it.

    Thanks for contributing to the conversation. Loving blessings!

  13. Hi Sibyl! Thanks for your touching words. So true, as you give, you receive. When we give our attention to a friendship (or anything else for that matter), the friendship flourishes.

    Thanks for your sharing your ideas with us. Loving blessings!

  14. Hi Asif! Welcome to britetalk! Yes, life gets busy and we forget about some essentials such as our friends. Some friendships take time and others take no time at all. That’s the beauty of it, each friendship is unique.

    Thanks so much for adding to the conversation. I appreciate your comment. Loving blessings!

  15. Shamjith says:

    Great tips. Thanx for sharing.

  16. Adena Atkins says:

    Great post! I wonder how the world would change if we all embodied this list with ourselves and each other…

  17. Sangita says:

    Hi Andrea,

    A beautiful post. Till I became a collegian girl, I just had only one best friend and that was-Me-”Myself”. It was the time thereafter which brought to me the beautiful and lovely package of friendship in the form of my five funny, loving and dear friends, they were the persons who added color to my life-canvas, filled in the most beautiful colors and shades and also made me understand the real meaning of friendship. And now when they are far away from me after the completion of studies, I really miss them. Anyhow I believe in myself and I am also a kind, beautiful and lovely friend of myself. It’s good to have the closest friend that lies within you.
    All those tips made me remember my beautiful friendship days, the awesome memories that would never fade. Lovely tips Andrea.

  18. Hi Sangita!
    It’s wonderful to have beautiful friendship memories. It’s also great to have yourself as your best friend, like you had in the early years. Beautifully said: “It’s good to have the closest friend that lies within you.” I hope you get o see your friends from time to time. They seem to bring such joy to your life… :)
    Thanks for sharing your life with us! Loving blessings!

  19. Aaron Fuller says:

    As a true friend, you need to be honest with your friend. I consider a person as a true friend if he/she will always by my side during both happy and sad moments of my life. These situations can also strengthen our friendship too.

  20. Hi Aaron! I agree that honesty is very important in a friendship as well as being supportive. We all want a friend to be someone we can count on no matter what.
    Thanks for this beautiful reminder. Loving blessings!

  21. Sai says:

    hi Andrea,
    nice insights on friends and friendship. I cried while watching Hachiko. It’s a true story from Japan, and Hachi’s is the only statue in the country.
    For me cats and dogs are easiest friends to make. Especially with dogs as they are very much self less to human company unlike cats.
    I find that age doesn’t really matter while making friends. Kids and elderly both enjoy having a friend.
    Its all about cherishing our company.
    Sometimes we feel certain feelings for a person and in return same is felt by him/her. We are not sure what feeling is this, we feel we have met this person before even in a first meetings. I believe people whom we have know in our past incarnations still cross our path and those who are here to help us, our angels, are most of the times our friends.Their age, gender, country doesn’t matter much; they appear in our life when we need them most.