The world a la carte: who else wants to have the world your way?

I often get questions on Twitter and sometimes in the comments that require a longer explanation. Usually when one person has a specific concern, chances are others have the same question. So I’m trying something new this week.  I’m going to answer a question in a video format.

I had a lot of fun creating the video below. Check out how the world can be your personal creation when you change your focus. No more need for fear or stress. We can all enjoy an amazing world together.

“Brite-size” dose of happiness
To expand our consciousness, grow, and transform it’s important that we practice daily the principles we learn. Here is the brite-size dose of happiness for us to practice this week:

“Be the love you want to see in the world”

I’ll be covering this topic on my weekly Britetalk Radio show. If you’d like, tune in to explore this topic a little more .

How do you see your world? Do you try to improve it or do you go with “what is?” Do you stress about the state of the world and the people in it? Please share in the comments.

With you always in my heart,

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34 Responses to “The world a la carte: who else wants to have the world your way?”

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  1. Stuart says:

    Brilliant stuff Andrea! I know for a fact that no-one else wants the world to be the way I want it; some would find it to be too boring, others too deep, others too random, etc. No-one would be satisfied, except for me of course ;-)

    We can never create an ideal world for ourselves, because we’re all to different as indivduals. But maybe, just maybe, we can create an ideal ‘self’ to shine a light into this world, and help the world change itself.

    I think that would be better for everyone :-)

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I agree that perspective is so important… we can create the inspiring life we desire. Thank you for this motivation :~)


  3. Rock Jenkins says:

    Change your perspective and you change the world – thanks for making it simple and clear again, Andrea. Can’t figure out why we need so many reminders, but I appreciate this one! :-)


  4. J.D. Meier says:

    I like the a la carte metaphor.

    In a world with so many possibilities, the limits really start with what we focus on. It’s easy to get more of what we focus on. If we want a magical life, then we just have to look for magic.

  5. Perspective really does hold the key. It reminds me of a a couple of line from one of Marianne Williamson’s Return To Love, “The world changes when we change. The world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love the world.”

  6. Dia says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Nice video! Exactly my friend, it is all about our perspective. To be able to change our view, we have to change our perspective from within. There is a law that says “As within so without.” If we want to see the world as a beautiful place, then we have to change our perspective about it internally. This applies to anything else in life. We see the world and people as we feel inside. Instead of changing the world, change begins with us internally. Thanks for sharing Andrea :)

  7. Hi Stuart,
    We can create a perfect world for ourselves when we shine our light into the world instead of wanting the world to change to complete us. I get what you’re saying. The world doesn’t really need to change, only we need to change, and the rest will take care of itself. I’m on board. :)
    Thanks starting the conversation. Loving blessings

  8. Hi Sue,
    Great. Let’s go ahead and start creating this inspiring life that we’d like to be living. :)
    Thanks for stopping by. Loving blessings

  9. Hi Rock,
    I know what you mean, I love reminders. We can get wrap up in our lives and our egos and forget the road inside sometimes. Reminders are awesome! :)
    Thanks for you sense of humor. Loving blessings

  10. Hi J.D.,
    Splendid! Look for magic and the blessings in our lives and even most importantly, be the magic that we want to see in the world.
    Thanks for your magic. Loving blessings

  11. Hi Dia,
    That’s very true, the work is always within. We fool ourselves that we need things to be different when we’re the ones with the answers. We can’t forget that we have to do the work for anything to be different.
    Thanks for the reminder. Loving blessings

  12. Hi Aileen,
    I love that line from Marianne. And yes, let’s start loving the world. This is one of the best things we can start doing right now to change our world.
    Thanks for being always so lovely. Loving blessings

  13. “It’s a loving world afterall”! I love this Andrea! Beautiful!

  14. Joe Wilner says:


    Great video! Very engaging and I loved the personal connection. Our perspective and reference point is so important. It can be easy to notice the negative when it comes to the media and news, but there is so much love out there that we don’t get access to. This is what we must focus on! Thanks!

  15. Dave Rowley says:

    “Open your heart to life’ such a wonderful message that completely turns our experience of life around. Really enjoyed watching this and taking in your beautiful message Andrea.


  16. John Sherry says:

    Hey there Andrea the new media star! Love the video, it’s really changed your blog from 2D to 3D and given it a whole new vibe. Awesome!!! I agree that perspective on the world as a whole is wise as most of the world is always at peace, living together happily, people are getting married every day, having children and making homes, and travelling safely far and wide. Two suggestions work for me: don’t watch news reports (always full of the sensationalist fear) and watch travel prgrammes which always capture the majesty and amazing beauty of this planet and the stunning races of people who inhabit it. Keep up the video Andrea, great to see a happy, pretty woman with a helpful, inspiring message. Be blessed and loved Andrea.

  17. Hi Lori,
    Thanks! Nice to have you here. Loving blessings!

  18. Hi Joe,
    I’m glad you like the video. It was fun to get to talk to the readers. :) I’ll probably do some more videos .
    I agree that the media tends to portrays more bad news than good news which tends to skew our view of the world. Yes, much love to focus on. :)
    Thanks for your sweetness. Loving blessings

  19. Hi Dave,
    If we just opened our heart to life things around us would be soooo different.
    Thanks for your kind words. Loving blessings!

  20. Hi John,
    Far from a being a star but thanks for the support. :) I like your suggestions. I don’t watch news any more either. Travel shows are a good idea. They are beautiful. I’ll probably end up wanting to go to all these gorgeous places. :)
    Thanks for your kindness. Loving blessigns

  21. Andrea,
    You are so pretty!!! I didn’t know you already made videos. OMG! Our philosophies on life are so the same. I have a new perspective on how easy life can be when I don’t hold myself back!

  22. Andrea,
    This is fantastic! I so agree. When we change the world changes around us. Excellent message.

  23. Hi Tess,
    This was my first attempt and a lot of fun. More are on the way. :) I know, our philosophies are very similar.
    Thanks for your kindness. Loving blessings

  24. Hi Angela,
    Thanks! yup, it’s all about us. Loving blessings!

  25. Keith Davis says:

    Hey Andrea
    Great video – didn’t realise that you did video.

    Wow! Big question and a good answer – perspective.
    As you say we get the world we expect.
    We fulfill our own expectations.

    I’ve just posted a great video by Mr Video himself, Tom Breeze.
    I’m sure that you’ll find it useful for your own videos.
    If you gewt a few minutes…

  26. RichHartford says:

    Hello Andrea,

    I truly agree with your video.

    Perspective truly makes a difference on how we view the world. We must change the way how we view things in life. We must adopt a perspective that we are in his world for a reason and fulfill a mission in life.Also,we must also a perspective that we are here to help one another in this life. Our sense of contribution will help us realize as well that the world is a beautiful place to live in and appreciate how valuable our life is especially when we get to help those that are less fortunate than us.

    Loving blessings!


  27. Hi Rich,
    I’m glad that you pointed out that we’re here to help each other. Having a sense of contribution can definitely change our perspective about the world. It allows us to engage with our reality in a meaningful way while viewing others as our partners in this journey.
    Thanks for the reminder. Loving blessings

  28. Hi Keith,
    I just started playing with video. I love it! I’m still working on getting the right equipment and all that jazz to improve the quality of image and sound. I liked the video on your site. He is very personable and gave good info. Thanks for the tip.:) Loving blessings

  29. Keith Davis says:

    Hi Andrea
    Glad you liked Tom’s video.
    He is good at both sides of video, equipment and technique.

    Both his sound quality and picture quality are very good and he explains how to achieve that in his video.

    I’m close to 200 comments on this post Andrea so I hope that you can get me over the 200 line with a question to Tom.
    He will answer anything you want to know about video.

    BTW – thought that your vid was fabulous.

  30. Keith Davis says:

    Hi Andrea
    Just got your super comment.
    What a star you are.

    Tom will give you all the technical info you need.

    Once again – a big thank you.

  31. Hi Keith,
    I’ll definitely stop by. I’d love for you to hit the 200 comment mark. :) hugs

  32. Hi again,
    Thanks, Keith. I’m not sure about the star part but I’m definitely learning a lot about the ins and outs of video. Lots of fun. I really like it! Life is a playground, right? We might as well enjoy it and play with it.
    Loving blessings

  33. “There is no personal charm so great as the charm of a cheerful temperament.”

  34. Clarice says:

    Personal perspective bring us into the boiling point of life, its matter on how to handle and improve it…